some other stuff.

Between his designing and writing, Daniel still somehow manages to find time for silly projects. Here are a few of them.


Everything is Daleks.

Tumblr project

Daleks are genocidal aliens in the long-running BBC program Doctor Who. They are brutal, emotionless killers who remain the Doctor's most persistent and hated enemies.

In this Tumblr, Daniel puts them into amusing pictures.

Coming Soon: Rescoring The General.

Buster Keaton's The General is one of the classics of the silent film age, but something has always been missing: John Williams' score from the original Star Wars trilogy. Daniel is in the process of rectifiying this error.


people to check out.

Jeff Glass: Director, lighting designer, educator. Might sing a song about you if you ask nicely.

Aaron Quick: Lighting and sound designer. Also a darn good cook.

Justin Barbin: Photographer. You may not know it, but he's already your best friend.